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Marcelle’s Intuition Interview

Posted by: Marcelle

Intuition meets healthcare and success


They may be unorthodox, and often unexpected by new clients – but we know they work, and so do many of you, too, from firsthand experience. Recently Marcelle was featured on the women’s leadership website, Sister Leadership. Here is an excerpt as well as a link to the article.

“During the first few visits people were uncomfortable with the technique but I knew through experience, from seeing results client to client that were just incredible, that muscle testing was a worthwhile tool that should be used. Of course, new clients couldn’t be in the room for every visit so they were skeptical at first, but I was seeing change for so many; with muscle testing, we could resolve problems that weren’t being fixed.” Read the full article here.

  • Hear about how Marcelle and Tony began their work with energy, and how they stuck to it despite it being unsettling for new clients.
  • Read how Marcelle’s intuition is finely tunes for her work in healthcare and success.
  • Also don’t  miss the final take away tip, it’s a big idea with big potential.

Many thanks to Sister Leadership for the feature!

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