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At Awakening Potentials we support you as a whole person, and offer three different services that naturally overlap to support your body and your dreams. This is big picture stuff, with little picture steps. In your initial consultation, we assess all areas in your life that you have been struggling with and help you focus on the ones you want to improve.



We all need support to help get “un-stuck.” Our approach is one-of-a-kind.  Try our initial 30 minute consultation; it’s your 1st step towards feeling happier, healthier and more fulfilled.
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Feeling low, suffering from back or neck pain or you have a headache that constantly preventing you from enjoying doing what you want. We will help you heal and live a pain free and healthy life
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Come meet with us, it is the easiest way to start.
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or leave message at  613-592-8100

A friend of mine referred me to Awakening Potentials, because I was suffering from a migraine headache for 4 months and conventional medicine was proving completely  ineffective …. Doctor Brunelle relieved my headache within 3 days but I also felt that his healing was operating at a deeper level.

Would I recommend Dr. Brunelle and Dr. Forget to others?  Absolutely.”

F. H.

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Awakening Potentials is a close-knit team of natural health professionals and personal results experts who help individuals improve there health and achieve greater success. We've worked with many thousands of clients since 1979.

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