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Awakening Potentials is a dynamic team with years of experience in the areas of health and success. Learn more about our services or browse some of our milestones below and find out how we’ve helped people just like you, achieve their goals to bring health and success into their life. A healing mixture of chiropractic, consulting and emotional energy techniques.

Helping you for over 3 decades. Here are some of our major milestones.

  • Awakening Potentials timeline photo: 1979

    Dr. Marcelle & Dr. Tony both graduate from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) in Toronto. Where they met and got married.

  • Awakening Potentials timeline photo: 1980

    1980 The Kanata Chiropractic Centre opens on Feb 4,1980.

  • Awakening Potentials timeline photo: 1988

    1988 Marcelle and Tony take their 1st energy health techniques course – Contact Reflex Analysis, Total Body Modification, Craniosacral Therapy and  NET or Neuro Emotional Technique.

  • Awakening Potentials timeline photo: 1990

    1990 Our office moves to the Beaverbrook area of Kanata, ON.

  • Awakening Potentials timeline photo: 1996

    The Ottawa Alternative Health Care OAHC is formed to help individuals in all areas of their lives. The OAHC incorporates our knowledge from the various “energy health techniques” we’ve been studying: Neuro Emotional Techniques, Total Body Modification, Contact Reflex Analysis, Craniosacral Therapy, Medical Intuitive, Homeopathy, Nutrition and Functional Medicine courses.

  • Awakening Potentials timeline photo: 2001

    A big year! Our present day workshops on happiness, health wealth/money,sales and communication are formed. We also began holding free “Success Workshops” each month for disadvantaged individuals in Ottawa. And group coaching sessions begin, bringing the power of “group energy” to our clients and providing the ability to help more people at once.

    These workshops were held monthly for  years.

  • Awakening Potentials timeline photo: 2002

    OAHC changes its name to “Awakening Potentials” to better reflect who we are and what we do.

  • Awakening Potentials timeline photo: 2006

    The very first 3-day event (Quantum Breakthrough) is held at the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa.

  • Awakening Potentials timeline photo: 2007

    The Quantum Breakthrough event is renamed to “The Ultimate WakeUp” – an annual 3-day event on personal, professional and financial success.

  • Awakening Potentials timeline photo: 2010

    The Ultimate Detox Event begins – a 1-day workshop teaching individuals how to do a proper detox to regain and maintain their overall health and wellbeing.

  • Awakening Potentials timeline photo: 2012

    Sun Media Corporation (Canada’s largest newspaper publisher, which includes the Ottawa Sun, Toronto Sun , Edmonton Sun, Calgary Sun, Kingston Whig Standard etc.) writes a full-page nationwide story about one of our clients, Eric Betrand. Many Canadians are helped because of it.

  • Awakening Potentials timeline photo: 2013

    Our office moves to our current location,
    35 McIntosh Way, Kanata, Ontario, K2L 2N9.

  • Awakening Potentials timeline photo: 2014

    Our website is re-energized with a new look-and-feel and loads of information, articles and downloads to better help our visitors.

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Awakening Potentials is a close-knit team of natural health professionals and personal results experts who help individuals improve there health and achieve greater success. We've worked with many thousands of clients since 1979.

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