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It’s Our Birthday: 35 Years for Awakening Potentials!

Posted by: Marcelle

Today is Awakening Potential 35th anniversary! That is thirty-five years of building a healthcare practice, learning the ropes of a real business, and being part of this city. We came here with nothing and knowing no one – and now we have an amazing network of clients, friends, family and like-minded practitioners.

It’s an honour to have been with you for this ride. If you want to get some peeks at our history, we have a cute timeline for you. It started with Ottawa feeling like home after graduation from Chiropractic College. It has grown, with highlights and bumps, into a business that truly brings passion and purpose into our lives.

So, from the both of us, thank you for these thirty five years. What a great day to celebrate that!

~Tony & Marcelle


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Awakening Potentials is a close-knit team of natural health professionals and personal results experts who help individuals improve there health and achieve greater success. We've worked with many thousands of clients since 1979.

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