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Decreasing Traumatic Stress Symptoms in Cancer Survivors

Posted by: Marcelle

Dr Marcelle Forget and Dr Tony BrunelleThere is a new tool proving effective in decreasing traumatic stress symptoms in cancer survivors.

Dr. Daniel A. Monti, M.D. is currently raising funds for a pilot study to “validate the use of NET  (Neuro Emotional Technique) to help cancer survivors become less physiologically reactive to distressing stimuli and to become more capable of choosing alternative responses.  Doing so could lead to healthier outcomes and potentially favorably impact modifiable risk factors for cancer recurrence.” #1.

Working with Dr. Andrew B. Newberg, M.D.   at the Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals, these researchers are using MRI Graphics and other objective data to demonstrate the physiological connection and reactions to using NET to cope with the trauma of being told you have cancer.

Prior to diving into the details, Dr Newberg described his enthusiasm for the study. “There’s never been imaging of it [NET]. So it’s very exciting to look at a [fMRI] scan and say, okay, this is the first time anybody’s actually seen what’s going on in the brain when somebody experiences something, or feels something, or responds to something.” 
“I’ve never seen such a change in people both clinically as well as the psychological changes. I’ve done other studies looking at depression and anxiety and I’ve never seen these kinds of changes” Andrew Newberg, M.D.
Newberg continues, “One of the things we seem to be seeing is that the amygdala, which mediates your fear and distress response, is substantially reduced in terms of its reactivity to the trauma after the person gets the NET program. Not only are they [patients] saying that they no longer have a very distressing feeling, but their amygdala is responding the same way. The amygdala will light up when you’re distressed and so the more distressed you are, theoretically, the more the amygdala will light up. What we’re seeing is that the amygdala just doesn’t light up that much to the same stimulus after the person has the NET treatment. 


For more information on NET, check out this link to  net mind body.

To learn more about the ONE Foundation, click here #1.

Drs. Marcelle Forget and Tony Brunelle have been studying this healing technique since Dr. Scott Walker began teaching in the 1990’s.

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