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Who knows how to party? We do!

Posted by: Marcelle

Who knows how to party? Team UltimateWakeUp knows how to party! 😉

Wake Up reunion

Wake Up reunion


To kick off the summer, Awakening Potentials hosted their fantastic Wake Up community for a summer BBQ and pool party. It was a great event, and we want to thank everyone who came to have fun, and also those who contributed to the potluck. It’s safe to say, we had an incredible spread of paleo, gluten free and yummy choices! Flashback to the party, here are a few mental images for those who missed it!

  • A dining table covered with paleo options without any refined sugars
  • The pool shinning away
  • Blue skies and sunshine
  • A backyard FILLED with happy, chatting people

With so much going on, we didn’t have a chance to capture all the beautiful food via photographs. But we did get a few pictures of the group thanks to Lucie. Thanks so much, Lucie!

You know, this isn’t just a yearly BBQ reunion party. It marks a half year progression from the previous Ultimate Wake Up and the goals that have been set for 2015. For everyone, it is a touch base with our progression, have long conversations together, bask in the sunshine and eat well. These types of events remind us just how lucky we are to have such wonderful clients and attendees.

Tony manned the BBQ, and Marcelle ardently tried (and succeeded) to manifest the perfect weather conditions. We had made some fabulous ice tea that was gone within the hour! And lucky you, that recipe is shared below. If anyone else wants to share the recipes of their potluck contributions, our comment section is open to you.

We are so honours to be doing great work in Kanata, Ottawa and with our Skype clients around the world. Each year the workshop is a challenge to refine and deliver, but it’s also the crowning achievement of our success as health consultants – because we know you are a better person when your goals align, and your body is manifesting what it most wants. Thank you again to everyone who came, and to those who dare to push themselves.

See you at the next Ultimate Wake Up Workshop!

Wake Up Ice Tea – A paleo-friendly BBQ party favourite


Quantity: 1 pitcher

  1. Brew a large pot of Rooibos Chai Tea, we like the blend from David’s Tea
  2. Allow to cool
  3. Add in the juice of one large organic orange
  4. Wash and slice another organic orange, add this to a pitcher.
  5. Add ice cubes to your liking.
  6. Pour over with the cooled tea/orange juice mixture.
  7. And serve! It’s really quite simple.



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