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Beyond Yoga is Gettin’ Happy!

Posted by: Marcelle

Exciting news! We’re thrilled to share that Beyond Yoga Studio & Wellness Centre in Ottawa is joining us for the 7-Day Happiness Challenge. If you enjoy yoga, you’ll know there’s a definite happy place on that mat as you let the world slip away and focus on your breath.

Beyond Yoga

During the week-long challenge, Beyond Yoga will share happiness insights on our facebook event page, plus they’ll be giving away free class passes during the week of the challenge. To top it all off, everyone participating in the challenge will be invited to gather at their Yoga studio on Sunday morning, May 31st in their Kanata location for a special complementary group class. Exciting!

With my daughter in town, she and I have been attending and enjoying classes at Beyond Yoga, and we know you’re going to love it too. The teachers take time to address you as a newcomer, and make sure you feel comfortable. There’s a variety of options, from gentle yoga, stress redux, to Pilates, meditation, hatha, yoga tone and more.

The owner of Beyond Yoga Studio and Wellness Centre is Tina Ferrone. She has a pretty special story. Back in 2007 she began teaching yoga in her tiny basement studio. Finding what she loved to do gave her focus and purpose, moving her towards the goal of a large studio for wellness and yoga. With some incredible strides forward, she made her success fall into place, and now she gets to live and grow that dream come true.

So, when we as a group celebrate the end of our 7-Day Challenge by attending a class together at Beyond Yoga, we want you to bring your own dreams and goals to the studio, and feel what it is to live in that realization. (As you feel your breath, stretch those limbs, and move.)

And just a reminder, the 7-Day Happiness Challenge is a free event, welcome to everyone who wants to get involved. It’s going to be hosted through facebook via the event page. There, we’ll prompt you with reflections and exercises, plus lead conversations. It’s all happening on facebook, and you are welcome to join in.

A huge WELCOME to Beyond Yoga Studio & Wellness Center, and a big thank you to them for joining in. We’ll see you all on Facebook May 25th-31st for the challenge, and then at the yoga studio to live the experience as a group!

Sign up now and don’t miss anything. Head over to the 7-Day Happiness Challenge Facebook page and click ‘Join’.



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