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Omega-3 Benefits. Taking The Right One?

Posted by: Marcelle

Omega-3 is an essential supplement.

 At our office, we’re often asked: “Which supplements should I be taking?”

Well, everyone is different, so we really need to look at your particular needs but Omega-3 supplement would be, for most,  at the top of the list.

Why? Because our body doesn’t make it and it’s crucial to our well-being. I mean, it does so many good things, from helping your immune system, to your inflammation, to mood, brain development, hormone balancing and more (see our full list of why Omega-3 is so important below.) And don’t forget your children, it is essential for them.

omega3 benefits

Food Sources:

Your best source of Omega-3 from your food is fish like: sardines, salmon, trout etc. But in reality, this isn’t something many of us incorporate daily into our diet, and when we do, we need to be careful of poorly sourced, potentially toxic fish.

You can also go to your leafy green veggies, avocados, nuts, seeds and veggie oils. But still, even then, it’s very likely you aren’t getting enough.

That’s why Omega-3 is part of our top picks in supplements to recommend.

Not all supplements are created equal.

So we need to be really, really picky in choosing the right supplement for our bodies.

You see, the best source of Omega-3 is from our oceans, which aren’t always in the cleanest state. You want to make sure your brand/provider of Omega-3 runs test for pesticides, heavy metals, markers of PCB, dioxins and furans and dioxin-like PCB, for rancidity and consistent dosing.

Also, check that each batch is tested by independent labs.

That is hugely important. (There’s a lot that goes on beyond the scenes that marks the difference between good and bad supplement brands. It’s much more than packaging and price point!) You don’t want to take a supplement which could cause you harm because of the way it is prepared 🙁

At Awakening Potentials we mainly use the Metagenics Omega-3 products, because of their purity, their many choices to fulfill different needs, and their involvement in the Vitamin Angels program. Metagenics donates most of the money from the sale of their fish oil to this organization helping create better health for our world.

Curious about your own omega-3 levels? And which supplement would be best for you? Here’s a little bit of practical fun: have your omega-3 levels tested through this lab. Check it out:

So, that’s one of our top picks for supplements. Be proactive by eating the right food and taking the supplement for you. If you need help deciding on the right supplement, we are here to help you.

If you want to learn more about omega-3, we’ll link you some studies at the bottom of this post.

To a Healthy Life!

Dr. Marcelle & Dr. Tony

P.S. We do sale the Metagenics omega-3 products online. Check it out: and click on Supplements.


Want to learn more? Read up with these studies.

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Belluzzi; Effect of an enteric-coated fish oil preparation on relapses in Crohn’s disease. New England Journal of Medicine.

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