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Your New Year’s Resolution: Super Charged!

Posted by: Marcelle

New Year's Resolution 2015It’s almost New Year 🙂 Time to take your resolution (seriously, make one for yourself, go for it! ) and read on because today you are in luck. Why? For you, we have an exercise straight from our big workshop, and tailored for your New Year’s Resolution. High five!

New Year’s Resolution “Five Whys” exercise.

*In this exercise, you need to let things flow. That means don’t judge your responses, just write down the first thing that comes to mind. Look in the mirror and listen to your first thoughts. This is crucial.

  • Grab yourself a piece of paper, a pen, and a mirror. Choose your New Year’s Resolution by filling in the blank: In 2015 I am going to ______.
  • Write your goal onto a piece of paper, then look into the mirror and say your goal aloud or in your head. Be honest, what was your first response? Good, bad or bizzare, write it down.
  • Now, ask yourself why you responded that way. Write down your answer.
  • Next, ask yourself why once again. Repeat this five times, asking why to each new response. Once you have your Five Whys, start again! Keep going until your 2015 goal feels rock solid within your being. Give yourself at least ten minutes of repeating the Five Whys over and over.

Here is an example with Marcelle’s 2015 New Year’s Resolution!

New Year's Resolution Awakening Potentials

Our workshop alumni have this down, but if you haven’t attended, Marcelle is going to do an example right here in this post of her own New Year Resolution Five Whys.

Marcelle’s resolution is “in 2015 I am going to develop great communication with our clients.”

First reaction, written down:No, it won’t happen.”

Now she’ll do the Five Whys:

1) Why won’t it happen? Because other stuff will come up and take my time.

2) Why will other stuff come up? Because it always does!

3) Why does other stuff always come up? Because I see this ‘other stuff’ as distractions rather than guides towards my goal.

4) Why do I see the other stuff as distractions from the goal? Because it can get so busy, it is hard to step back and see the bigger picture.

5) Why is it hard to see the bigger picture? Because I’m trained to deal with the immediate problems.

New Year's Resolution 2015Now, this is an unfinished place to leave things. That’s why the Five Whys doesn’t stop here. She’ll reuse the first sentence, “In 2015 we are going to develop great communication with our clients” – and write down the first thing that comes to mind. Then do the five whys again. She’ll repeat this until she begins to feel a strong resolution that empowers her for 2015.

Your turn! Give it a try with your New Year’s resolution, and feel free to share your insights in the comments.

Happy New Year!

Marcelle & Tony



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