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Easy Gluten Free Dessert

Posted by: Marcelle

Easy Gluten Free DessertCook time: 10 mins Total time: 10 minsSummaryFast and easy to make gluten free desert. This is grain free and it is delicious.


  • 1 large frozen banana
  • 1 medium Can of Organic Coconut milk, cooled
  • handful Pecans or walnuts
  • 2 TBS Maple Syrup

  1. In blender, add frozen banana, broken into 3 pieces. Then add 1 can of cooled coconut milk.
    Add pecans or walnuts and 2 TBS of Maple Syrup


Serving size: 2 medium sized bowls


glutenfreedesertEasy Gluten Free Desert that even kids can make.

Dr. Tony Brunelle shows you how to make a delicious, fast and easy to make gluten free and dairy free dessert.  Even a child can do it, and it is not only gluten free, you could call this one a Paleo Dessert as well. This is perfect for anyone who is either gluten and/or dairy sensitive.

Big points to remember are that you want to use as little sugar as possible, and that there is absolutely no gluten anywhere near this great tasting dessert.  So take 3 minutes, learn how to do this and then, if you have other ideas, share them with the rest of us.  And remember, “no white sugar” or artificial sweeteners in this easy gluten free dessert.


Ok, now sit back and enjoy.

Once you get the hang of this desert, you can start to vary it with different frozen fruits added to cold coconut milk. But do remember, do no add white sugar at all, you will defeat the purpose of this. And the same goes for adding cow milk. Don’t do it. You can get off the dairy with this and that really is the whole point.

By going off all gluten for a month, and yes, that is a big commitment, and then challenging yourself with lots of wheat, such as in cereal, spaghetti and breads and in sauces, you can quickly diagnose yourself as to whether your body is sensitive to wheat and gluten. The same goes for dairy. If you go off both dairy and gluten, introduce only one of these items back into your diet at a time. If you react, and you will know it, get off the offending item, get your body to calm down and then you can challenge with the other food. Unfortunately dairy and wheat/gluten are the two biggest allergens in our diet today.
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