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Being Successful But Off Purpose

Posted by: Marcelle


Lately I’ve encountered many people telling me how they have so much success in their life; a great career, healthy children, a good relationship. They told me they’re   constantly on the go, but not really sensing who they are in the midst of all these activities.


They’re aware they have these roles and acknowledge the fact they have accomplished a lot, but their sense of purpose and self has seemed to disappear…. Life has brought them to a place where they are doing so much that eventually they feel like they are being buried. They reach a point where they’ve lost their sense of contribution and sometimes fun.

In this world, it is easy to get to that place as a man or a woman. We all strive to have an excellent career, children, and friends but then we realize our agenda has become so busy that we can’t even think about ourselves any more. There must be more to life than constantly being overwhelmed… Right?

Have you ever experienced this? Being busy busy busy and yet, no sense of purpose?

If you don’t catch this problem early it can bring you lots of problems.

It can affect your nervous system and you will become exhausted, depressed, bored, develop headaches or problems with your blood sugar. And it doesn’t stop there, your hormones can become affected causing you to have mood change (and not for the better), you try to lose weight and you can’t, your losing your hair and your sex drive… life is not pretty!!! And on top of it you are starting to hurt everywhere, you have all of these projects to do for your work and you can’t think straight!

If you have a case of having lost yourself, don’t despair, take a deep breath in and out, you can turn this around.

Here are 5 things to get you back on purpose:

1. Start reflecting on how you are contributing to the world doing the actions that you are doing now.

2. Start listening to what is in your heart, what makes you happy, what makes you feel like you matter in this world.

3. Find out what you got yourself addicted to and start changing that pattern. (And yes, you can be addicted to being busy and physical things.)

4. Permit yourself to change some of your routine.

5. Have health and success coaching to get back on track.

Life is not forever, make sure you take the time to reflect and live the life that you want.

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