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Quiz: Can You Achieve Your Goals?

Posted by: Marcelle

Is Your Brain Allowing You To Achieve Your Goals? Take the Quiz!

Have you ever been in a similar situation where you have been told what to do about your relationships? Or told how to make more sales, or even how to achieve better health? And you find it’s still not working?

Well, we had a client last year; a wonderful person.They started a new job as a sales representative and was having a lot of difficulty trying to make ends meet.

He was referred to our office by an existing client who said “Juts go and see them” (We’ve heard this many times)

Anyhow this individual began to tell me how he studied and rehearsed the ENTIRE script but was still struggling with the sales aspect of the job. He was quite discouraged… No wonder!!

I explained to him that is his nervous system, (especially the unconscious part of it) is not in agreement with what he wants to accomplish, it doesn’t matter how long and hard he rehearses. The end result will still be very minimal. And it is like this for every situation we want to improve.

You see, we unconsciously repeat our patterns over and over again, even though we may not notice or want too.

So, if some of our patterns or all of our patterns are toxic toward our goals, we’re not going to be able to achieve them. This can then lead to disappointment and end with your dreams drifting away from you.

Neuro Emotional Technique or NET is a fantastic and quick technique to find what the toxic imprints are and how to eradicate them.

Not only will NET help you find what is causing havoc in your life but it will also help you determine when your body needs nutritional support to remove the toxic imprints from your nervous system.

Yes toxic imprints cause a change in your body and in your attitude. They will make you sick or healthy, fail or succeed.

Over our 35 years in practice we found that removing toxic imprints is the most powerful tool that we’ve encountered. It is the tool that gives us our great results and success.

And because of this, we created a 3-day event called Ultimate Wake Up to help you understand the concept and utilize it in your life. So, so powerful!

So go ahead and take the quiz to find out if you have nay toxic imprints that can take away from your health and success.

Quiz: Do you have any of these luring inside of you and most likely causing havoc in your life?

1. I feel that I am not as good as others

2. I like to spend money.

3. I hate having to look after my finances.

4. It is better if I am not too successful.

5. I don’t wan’t to speak in public.

6. My opinion is not important.

7. I am anxious.

8. I can never lose weight.

9. I will never find a great relationship.

10. I will do all this work and nothing good will come of it.

11. I would like my life to be different but it is too much work.

12. Life can’t get better for me.

13. I will never get out of my troubles.

14. It is too much money I can’t have it.

15. I can’t live without my cup of coffee/tea/drink/cigarettes/chips/sweets/pop etc.

16. I behave myself.

17. I follow the rules.

18. I do as I am told.

19. I let others take charge of my life.

20. I feel like giving up. I have enough of life. Nothing I can do about it.

21. Nothing ever works for me.

22. I am not as bright as others.

23. I am not a good parent.

24. I feel guilty.

25. I am too young.

26. I am too old.

27. I have to be perfect.

28. I have to be polite.

29. I have to think of others before me.

30. I have to follow the demands of my family.

31. Others… (fill in the blank)


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