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Posted by: Marcelle

There is one of the most inspiring music videos called “A Change Is Gonna Come” that  if you haven’t seen and/or listened to, is a must.  Because life change is  inevitable.

I have found that so many people are unhappy with who they are and where they are in life, BUT they fight so hard no to change.  They want to change, but doing something about it just seems too hard to do.

People Fight Not To Change Their Life

It seems as if a tipping point has to be reached, where your current discomfort finally becomes greater than the discomfort of going through a change.

When you reach that point, things will start to happen.  But remember, every journey begins with a single step.  So just take one step.

And that one step could be as simple as a change in diet, starting to exercise, starting to save a bit of money, or cutting back on an addictive habit.

Remember, time is  precious and waits for no one.  So take that first step.  And then take another step.   That is how all change happens, no matter how scary it may be to you at the present time.

If you have taken that first step, let us know how it went and how it is going now.

by Tony Brunelle



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