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Toxic People and Snapping Turtles

Posted by: Marcelle

Just finished the Ultimate Wake Up and I have to share this story from that workshop with you.

Toxic People are like Snapping Turtles

My wife and I were travelling down a quiet country back road a few years ago and came across this HUGE snapping turtle in the middle of the road. And what did we do?

Well,  we stopped the car of course, put on the 4 way flashers and out I got. Before someone hit that poor turtle on its journey to the other side of the road, I was going to be a good Samaritan and help it across.

Now this turtle was easily a meter in diameter, one of the biggest snapping turtles I have ever seen. And so I told my wife to stay in the car while I would carefully approach this beautiful creature from behind. I was planning to grab it from the rear and then pull it backwards to the side of the road it was slowly making its way towards.

But let me tell you, if you think that the poor old turtle appreciated this you are completely wrong. As I was bending down to grab its shell, this huge turtle jumped straight up in the air and somehow spun around facing me. It’s head and neck shot out about a foot towards me and tried to bite me. It was so incredibly fast that I was just lucky that it missed me. And not by much, let me tell you.

“You are on your own baby” I yelled as I quickly backed away.

And as we were driving away, with the turtle still on the road, I could see another car stopping and a man getting out. No doubt to help this poor turtle to the side of the road.

Some things are best left alone. From snapping turtles to some people. And yes, there are people in this world who are just plain toxic. They have issues, they have unresolved problems that they are not working on. And wouldn’t you know it, but so many people seem to be attracted to these “snapping turtles”. Maybe it is a desire to help them get to the other side of the road. But what usually happens is that they end up hooking onto your energy field and pulling you down  into their negative world.  So be careful, and take a good look at how the people in your life are affecting you.  And if you have to, just leave them alone.

Moral of all this:

“Stay Away From Snapping Turtles Of All Kinds!”

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