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Mystery Illness Solved

Posted by: Marcelle

Another Mystery Illness Solved
Evan Pacey’s Story

“During the summer of 2009 I was working at the local golf course and came across a sick Canadian Goose. I approached the Goose to see if I could help it, but upon closer inspection it became clear to me that it was on the verge of death and beyond saving.

Not thinking much of the encounter I continued working, until three days later when all of a sudden I lost the ability to extend my legs. Dumbfounded by what was happening I painfully tried to regain the ability to walk. With time some mobility did come back but, now I could stand no longer than two minutes without collapsing due to sharp pain in both legs.

The next few years involved numerous trips to specialists that were the “best of the best”. They did the full array of tests (MRIs, Ultrasounds, Nerve conduction studies etc.) to find the root cause of my problem, but everything came back normal.

Eventually the doctors began to ask me if this could all be in my head, but I knew it wasn’t. One by one they said “There is nothing left I can do for you” which left me with the empty feeling that I was going to have to live with this condition for the rest of my life.

4 Year Mystery Illness Solved

By the fourth year of this illness I had given up hope and accepted my fate. My parents on the other hand never stopped trying to find a cure and one day sent me an article about a man named Eric Bertrand.

His story was similar to mine: a mysterious ailment, excruciating pain in his legs when he walked and a slew of tests that showed everything was normal. His story had a happy ending though, because he went to a chiropractor and Health Coach named Tony Brunelle. Hoping for the same ending I made an appointment at Tony’s clinic: Awakening Potentials.

To start the diagnosis Tony did an analysis called muscle reflex testing which showed if a certain organ was healthy or not. After around 15 minutes Tony had come to the conclusion that I was suffering from a similar ailment that affected Eric: a liver parasite.

I was prescribed the same treatment and a few days later my pain was gone.

Looking back I should have seriously considered alternative medicine years ago, but I was so conditioned to think that traditional medicine was the only one that produced results and that all others were phony. I’ve learned my lesson now and the next time myself or someone I know suffers from a mysterious ailment I’ll suggest Tony right away.

Its only been a month and half since I first started treatment at Awakening Potentials and now my legs are back to being 100%.”

-Evan Pacey


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