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Flavored Water Healthy Water

Posted by: Marcelle

When I was a kid growing up in the small town of Edson Alberta, there was a magic drink that my mother refused to make. It was called Kool-Aid.  My mother said it was nothing but sugar and wouldn’t make it. And how we wanted that flavored water that healthy water.

Flavored Water Healthy Water

But we got to drink it at my friends house, and I must say, it tasted a lot better than water.  Orange flavored Kool-Aid was the best, tasted even better than real oranges and the color was the magic touch.

And then one time, we made Kool-Aid at our house.  I can’t remember if it took 2 cups of sugar or 4 cups, but it was a lot.  Turned out that my mother was right, it really was nothing but sugar with artificial flavoring.

I thought those days were gone until I started reading about the new “Flavored Water” that the pop industry is now introducing.  And the pitch to get people to drink flavored water…. it tastes better than water! Coke is leading this wave with two types of flavored and colored water.

Vitamin Water and Fruit Water

There is a zero-calorie version of special water called Vitaminwater, and a flavored version called Fruitwater.  Unlike the zero-calorie version of Vitaminwater, which is made with the sweetener stevia, Fruitwater will be sweetened with the artificial sweetener sucralose, best known as Splenda. It will not contain any fruit juice but the bottle notes that the drink is “enhanced with nutrients,” a reference to its B vitamins, magnesium and zinc.

Wow, this sounds like Kool-Aid all over again.

As for me, if I really want something special with my water, I’ll put an ice cube in the glass and maybe a slice of lemon.  And as for the vitamins I need, best to get them from the foods we eat, thank you very much.


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