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Self-Esteem, Fit is New Thin!

Posted by: Marcelle

No matter how you look at it, your weight affects your self-esteem.  Just look at the ads for the Bernstein weight loss clinic.  Did not  matter that much of the weight loss industry might be hurting your health in a big way.

But things are changing in our society.  For women especially, being fit is the new thin.  That certainly has to be a much healthier trend as opposed to hurting your kidneys, destroying your blood-sugar ratios and causing anorexia that some weight loss programs end up doing.

Self-Esteem, Fit is the New Thin!

It is as if a breath of common sense has wafted into our lives.  Exercise is definitely a good thing although it is still possible to hurt yourself.

But don`t forget your emotional health in the mix.  Your emotional imprints from your past still cause you to be the way you are.  And that often includes how thin or fat you may be.

The order to real lasting change would be the following:

  1. Emotional healing

  2. Dietary changes

  3. Eexercise

What about  you,what have you seen and done ?

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