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Lasting Impressions

Posted by: Marcelle

Today’s Awakening Potentials post about making impressions, particularly the impression you give without realizing.

Making Lasting Impressions

Chris was at the reunion enjoying catching up with old friends and listening to the music. They had a band playing at the dance that was made up from two of the local bands that played back when I went to high school. Is that something, or what? But this is the good part: Chris was talking to one of the women whose husband plays in the band.  She asked him if he had any brothers that went to Camrose Composite high school.  To which Chris replied, “My brother Tony went here too.” To which she said: “I remember him, he hung around with a group of real smart guys, he was one of them.” And so when he told me this later on the phone, well – that felt pretty good! I don’t know who this person was, but “God Bless Her”. But then came the icing on the cake.  “I also  ran into Beth W.,” Chris added, “and she asked me about you too!“ Well, the Tony from those Camrose days gave a big smile at the mention of her name. Beth was a cutie and I remember her as well.  Of course back then I was really shy. Who knew I was making a strong enough impression to be asked after 35 years later. And by a girl I’d once had a crush on. She was smart and pretty and she’d remembered me!

She was smart, pretty AND she remembered me!

For the rest of that day, I couldn’t stop smiling. My poor wife had to put up with me and my puffed up ego as I kept saying, “they remembered me!” Every day we leave impressions on the people around us. Whether we know them for one second, for years, or forever – each moment is a new chance to show yourself to the world. And after all these years, Tony  has come quite a long way. I’m more aware from our work at Awakening Potentials that each exchange matters, and impressions can be long lasting. Just imagine the power of that knowledge back when I was 16? Though even today it’s a powerful sort of knowledge. Now what about you? Are you aware of the impression you give to others? Do you feel confident as you move through the world. We’d love to hear your stories of making an impression, if you are open to sharing. None of us can go back in time and change who we might have been, but all of us can be present in the moment and work on who we are today, and really come to realize what impression we leave in this world. So bring us your stories, we’d love to hear them. Has anyone left a deep impression in your mind? Have you been aware of doing the same? And if you want to work on your lasting impressions,  we work on just this kind of stuff in  our workshop and individual intuitive coaching To really bring out your potential, our Ultimate Wake Up workshop is 3 days that will change your life.  It really is amazing.

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