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Sick Kids Diet

Posted by: Marcelle

There is a wide spectrum of what sick is, from simply being run-down to the absolute worst scenarios. And we have seen a lot of children at our office, from new-born infants on up.  And the one factor that seems a constant with respect to the health of your child is diet.

Sick Kids  Diet

Colicky Baby

A mother brought in her colicky baby, about 9 months old.  She had stopped nursing this little one and switched her to formula. Although it was rather obvious as to why the colic started, what to do was another question.

Together, the three of us went to a local drug-store and then tested the baby to see if any of the various baby formulas would help the situation.  Voila!  We found one formula that seemed to agree with the child.

After switching over to the new formula, the colic stopped immediately.

Sore Stomach

This case involved a little nine year old girl.  And her stomach hurt, always.  Nothing seemed to help and so she was brought to our office.  Using our testing tools, we told the mother that she was allergic to dairy and  gluten.  (yes, the same gluten that is in the news a lot today). Modifying her diet, by removing all gluten sources, and dairy resulted in a quick resolution of her problem.

Depressed Teenager

Now I know, most teens are depressed, or at least in some state of rebellion.  But this 15 year old girl had a dark energy about her.  She dressed in black, and her favorite expression was “Whatever”.

Oh my God, where do you start with someone like this? Well, we love a challenge and once again, we put her through our tests and a few things showed up right away.  Emotional issues stemming from a divorce in her family when she was young and diet showed themselves as the two main issues she had.

Dealing with the emotional issues is fast and easy, but convincing her to change her dietary habits took some convincing.  We are quite literally addicted to our food in so many ways that it can be a big challenge to give up something that is bad for us.  But deep down she wanted to feel better about herself and played along with our suggestions.

Result: Huge attitude shift to the positive!  Woo Hoo!!

Test Your Own Kids

Here is an interesting test you can do, if you dare, with your own kids.  Next time you are having a birthday party, get the kids to draw a picture of whatever they want when they first arrive.  Then have your party with the all the pop, ice cream, cake and treats you can dream up.  Then before they go, have them draw a picture again, of whatever they want.

Now compare the two pictures that each child drew.  Look for the differences in their style and content.  Shouldn’t be too hard to find.


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