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What do you want?

Posted by: Marcelle

Catching what you want

Chris catching a nice cat fish

Just went fishing with a friend this last weekend. He said he had never caught a catfish and so we went cat-fishing. And he caught some beautiful catfish!

What do you want?

But there were other people out there fishing who weren’t catching anything.

Why you ask? Because they weren’t targeting a certain type of fish. Just throwing a hook in the water does not mean you will catch anything.

And that got me to thinking, life is just like that. If you don’t get specific on what you want out of life, not much happens.

Be Specific on What You Want Out Of Life

When it comes to fishing, it just works that way. Took me years of throwing in a hook and hoping something is down there to learn that lesson. And life works the same way.  If you know what you want, you prepare for that eventuality, and that is the direction that everything seems to follow.

Go fishing for Bass and you don’t catch Catfish.  Go fishing for Catfish and you don’t catch Bass.  That is how it works.

But you don’t have to wait years to discover that in your life. With the Intuitive Coaching at Awakening Potentials, we can help you focus on what you really want and remove your emotional blocks for fast results. Give us a try!

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