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Cat Poop Has Parasites

Posted by: Marcelle

NBC News is reporting on ” a sobering thought for every cat owner in charge of emptying the litter box: Felines deposit about 1.2 million metric tons of feces into the U.S. environment every year, a new study finds, and all that poop may pose an under-recognized public health hazard.”

Cat Poop Has Parasites

It is guesstimated that 1 % of cats are shedding parasites when they poop and that translates into a lot of health problems. Cat feces may harbor the parasite known as T. gondii, which can cause human illness. If your children are playing in uncovered sand boxes, such as the local park, they could be exposed to parasitic eggs!

I know this sounds alarming and it should be because it is happening.  There was an episode of the TV show House where an autistic child ate the sand in the play box that had been contaminated with parasite eggs.  Of course House figured this out by the end of the show, but the lesson is still valid.  If you have a backyard sand box, keep it covered when not in use.

Prevent Parasites, Keep You Child’s Sandbox Covered


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