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Life Doesn’t Stop

Posted by: Marcelle

Life Doesn’t Stop! Have you ever said to your self something along the lines of “Just wait until this is finished, and then everything will be great”?

  • Just wait until I finish this project.
  • Just wait until pay off my bills.
  • Just wait until get my health back.

I know I personally have said it numerous times. Just wait until ….., then everything will be just fine. And have you noticed that as soon as you finish one project, pay off one bill, conquer an  illness or whatever, something new is waiting to take it’s place.  Put  a new roof on your house and all of a sudden, you need a new furnace!  It happens every time.  As soon as you take care of one issue, something is waiting to take it’s place and often it is something that you never expected. Drives me crazy, but that just is the way life works.  In fact, that seems to be what life is, a journey with many twists and turns on the road. And just when you have overcome one of life’s obstacles, there is another one waiting to take it’s place.  No point in getting upset, because that only makes everything worse. “It just is” and that seems to be why we are here, to test our mettle, to work on life’s challenges as best we can. And so, in the famous  words of Winston Churchill,

“Never, Ever Give Up”


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