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Gene Testing

Posted by: Marcelle

Gene Testing

If you haven’t already heard about Angelina Jolie’s story about gene testing and her mastectomy, click here.

gene testing for cancer

Yes, gene research can reveal a wealth of data about oneself, BUT that is not the whole story.

The press, in typical fashion, are only focusing on a tiny part of the whole picture.

Yes, there are “high-risk” genes that indicate you could get cancer.  BUT, that is not the whole picture.

Gene’s in your body are either turned on or turned off.  And that is why you may have a “high-risk” gene and yet not have cancer.


The real question is:

What Turns On the High-risk Genes?

We know what the answer is.  Your environment turns your genes on and off!!

And what is your environment?  Your environment is everything that you are breathing, eating, drinking as well as  your emotional past and present.  Emotions are big, in fact, emotions are huge!  So not smoking, not drinking, eating well, exercising and being emotionally stress free make the difference.

“Dr Marisa Weiss, who runs an online advice and information service on breast cancer pointed out that only 29% of cancers in women start in the breast and within that group only 5% to 10% of women are carriers of high-risk single genes such as the one for which Jolie tested positive, BRCA1.

Weiss said that for most women, the biggest factors are not hereditary but relate to how they lead their lives: weight, alcohol consumption, smoking, physical activity.”

So, let’s repeat that one more time.

The biggest risk factors are how you live your life.  That is what will turn on the “Bad Genes” or leave them turned off.

So what would you do, if you were faced with this terrible dilemma?


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