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Eliminate Spring Allergies

Posted by: Marcelle

Can You Eliminate Spring Allergies

Spring is here and with the temperatures about to take off, Spring Allergies are poking their heads up.  And let’s be real, allergies are no fun and take the enjoyment out of what should be a great time of year.

So what to do?  If you don’t want to start popping Claritin or some such anti-histamine, you might consider Allergy Elimination Technique.

Allergy Elimination Technique

Allergy Elimination Techniques work something like this.  Everything is energy.  You are an energy being and your energy vibrates at a certain frequency when healthy and lower when you are sick.  And you vibrate at a  lower frequency when you are run down and in sub-optimal health.

With muscle testing, we can find which substance you are weakened by, be it from Mold or Maple Tree Pollen ….  For whatever reason, you and the vibration of the mold, or pollen, or food etc. are not in harmony.  And that is when we do a De-sensitization Technique with you to the offending substance.

There are also homeopathic remedies that may help in specific cases, as well as anti-oxidants such as Pycnogenol and Super-Flavinoids.  Together you can  lessen the symptoms, and in some circumstances, eliminate the allergic reaction altogether.

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