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That Which Doesn’t Kill Me

Posted by: Marcelle

I’m sure you have heard that quote at sometime in your life.  ” That which does not kill us makes us stronger” is from Friedrich Nietzsche, the German philosopher.

So the question is whether or not it is true.  I guess the quickest answer is that Nietzsche died of syphilis, and apparently that didn’t make him stronger, but killed him.  I wonder if that proved his point?  Perhaps.

But lets talk about you and me and our lives today.   Do challenges that don’t kill us make us stronger? My experience from working with all types of people with issues from love to money and career is a definite maybe.

We react to life’s challenges in one of two ways.

When you are challenged, when you are attacked, when life seems to gang up on you people do one of two things.

  1. Become the victim.     Poor me, look what has happened, no wonder I am like I am.
  2. Get mad and fight back. I am the way I am because of what I went through.


I have found that the people who end up playing the victim, (and this is not a conscious thing) become stuck in the past, with the past event that stopped them, shocked them and in effect paralyzed their life journey.

And some people just won’t let go of being the victim.  It is who they are and without it, they are afraid that they won’t know who they are.

It doesn’t matter what the issue was, from a financial setback, a love gone bad, or even a personal crises such as an illness or accident.  We have a choice.  Do we play victim or do we fight back to move forward.

How do you know which you are?  I know some people who complain loudly that they are trying to move forward and yet they keep sabotaging themselves every time forward progress is made.  Got to be honest with yourself, do you want to let go of the past?  Are you ready to move into your future without the crutch of your past problems?

It’s your move,  it always has been.



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