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Health is All About Your Gut

Posted by: Marcelle

Health is All About Your Gut

We have been saying it for years and now science agrees.  No matter your age, if you want to be healthy, you need a healthy gut. New field of medicine called Functional Medicine focuses primarily on your intestinal health.  And this is what research has now found;

Everyone’s Internal Flora is Unique!

The implications of this are HUGE because it means that all the drug tests ever done,  were performed on people who all had different intestinal floras.  Every person in a drug study would react to the test drug differently because of their unique intestinal flora.  Which means that the results are suspect, to say the least. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Babies Born Vaginally are Healthier Babies

Did you know that babies that are born vaginally, that is to say, naturally, have different and healthier bacteria in their gut than babies born by C-section?  It is true.  And babies fed formula have a different intestinal flora than babies breast fed.  And the breast fed babies are healthier.  The babies from C-section and who are fed formula are more susceptible to infections such as C. difficile.  Read more about that here Babies with colic, poor sleeping patterns, rashes, recurrent ear infections and  failing to thrive all need to be looked at from a intestinal flora point of view.   Dr. Marcelle Forget, D.C. in Kanata

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