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Posted by: Marcelle

Parasites, The Enemy Within

This picture is of a live hookworm.  And yes, it is a human parasite!

With so many people escaping the cold in Ottawa, Ontario and Canada for that matter, heading to the warm environs of the Caribbean islands or Mexico, they have their own double edged sword to deal with.  And that is the fact that the hotter the country, the more bugs there are.  And the more parasties there are.

Learn more about the The Enemy Within.  It is truly a fascinating relationship, we humans have with worms.  They can change our behaviors, our emotions and our health.

But the focus of this blog post is to give you some ideas on how to prevent parasites from getting a foothold in your guts in the first place.  Preventing a parasitic infection is a lot easier than getting rid of parasites!

Make an Anti-Parasite Kit

Prepare an Anti-Parasite kit when going down south.  The following is what I personally take, although you must use your common sense if you are allergic to any of these products.

  1. Paraguard.  This antiparasite remedy from Naturpharm comes in an easy to take capsule of herbs to kill off any parasite or its larva you may ingest.  Take 1 per meal when down south.
  2. M7 from Seroyal. This is an full spectrum digestive enzyme with a good dose of protease which makes your digestive system more efficient to destroy the worms and eggs you may ingest. Take 1 per meal.
  3. HMF Forte from Seroyal.  This is a Human Strain of Probiotics.  Once again, it is designed to make your digestive system more efficient. Again, take 1 per meal.

By making your digestive track as strong as possible,it makes it very hard for the parasitic worms to establish themselves.

These products are sold at some natural health practitioner’s offices.  If you are in Ottawa, call our office before you leave to stock up. 613-592-8100

And always use common sense when down south.  Be careful of where you eat and drink.  Bottled water without ice for me baby.


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