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Waking Up

Posted by: Marcelle

Waking Up

Maybe it is that I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada’s capital and so many people I know work for one of the various governments in this region.  Or maybe it is because we have had more snow this Christmas season than in the last 2 years combined.  Or maybe it is because we are all animals who live in the cold dark north. Are we asleep or are we waking up?

Whatever the reason, it feels like we have to force ourselves to Wake Up from a long sleep.  School starts back today after a 2 week break, and many people also start back to work after the same break.

And that is when you just have to be bigger than the call to stay in bed and go  back to sleep.

Who is in charge of your life?

That really is the question.  And if you (hopefully) say that you are in charge of your life, your body, your mood, your successes and your failures, then it is time to get going.

So look at yourself in the mirror each day and ask, “Who’s in charge?” and if the answer is that you are, then get moving!

Looking to detox your body from all that Christmas food?  We can help.  Want to move forward with your goals this year?  We can help.  Want to take charge of your life?  We can help.

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