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Sugar is Natural!

Posted by: Marcelle

Sugar is Natural!

Sugar is Natural!

We live in an artificial world, and that includes artificial sugars.  How many times a day do you hear of someone ordering a diet soft-drink? The thinking is that because it is an artificial sugar, such as Aspartame, Splenda, Equal and Saccarin you won’t gain weight, that it is good for you.  Did you know that Saccarin was discovered when a researchers were working on coal tar derivatives. Saccharin is also known as Sweet and Low, Sweet Twin, Sweet’N Low, and Necta Sweet. Medicine Net Now a lot of companies who manufacture these chemical sugar substitutes bang their drums loudly telling us how safe there products are. Personally, I’ll take the natural sugars.

30 Natural Sugars

If you are looking for a sugar that is natural and not a “coal tar derivative”, check out this link of 30 natural sugar sources. BUT, even with natural sugars, you must be careful.  Moderation in paramount when it comes to any sugar intake.  How much is too much?  As a general rule, less is better!

Personally, we use coconut sugar to cook with in our house.  And as a general rule, if a recipe calls for a cup of sugar, try only using 1/2 or even 1/3 cup.  You will find that as you wean yourself off of the white sugar, you will actually feel sick when you eat a traditionally sweetened food.

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