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Gluten Sensitivity Fact or Fad

Posted by: Marcelle

Is Gluten Sensitivity Fact or Fad?

Have you noticed how all of a sudden, “Gluten Free” is the in thing?  Gluten Free bread, Gluten Free Soya Sauce, Gluten Free cookies and on and on and on. Health food stores are catering to this trend, as are major grocery stores such as Loblaws (in Canada).  And restaurants offer gluten free meals, and now there are Gluten Free Bakeries. So what gives, is everyone really susceptible to gluten?  I mean, let’s get serious, we have all been eating wheat since forever!

Well, it turns out that Wheat was Genetically Modified in the 1960’s and is in fact a GM food.


The exponential growth over the past decades of celiac disease, or total intolerance to gluten, makes us wonder what part might have in this regard the genetic changes made on wheat. For some time this link has emerged, categorically denied by the proponents of biotechnology and GM foods. This hypothesis is not new, but it’s always been categorically denied by the supporters of biotechnology and GM foods. Professor Luciano Pecchiai, founder of Eubiotica in Italy, offers a very interesting explanation: “It is well known that in the past wheat was a tall-stalk plant –Pecchiai explains- which tended to bend toward the ground due to wind and rain. In order to avoid this, in recent decades, wheat was then “dwarfed” by means of genetic modification.” This change may have caused the genetic modification of a protein called gliadin, which is responsible for the malabsorption typical of celiac disease. No one has yet found an explanation to the fact that celiac disease has increased so dramatically in recent years and shows no signs of stopping. “While a few decades ago the incidence of disease was 1 case per thousand or two thousand people, the disease now affects 1 in 100 or 150 people,” says Adriano Pucci, president of the Italian Celiacs Association. “Only in Italy people with celiac disease are about 400.000, but only 55.000 have received a diagnosis and follow a diet that can save their lives.”  Read More Bottom line is that Gluten Sensitivity is a fact of our modern life.  Dr. Barbara Powell, a medical doctor who has specialized on the detection and treatment of gluten sensitivity has a blog devoted just to this subject. Health issues from arthritis to bowel problems to migraine headaches, to a child who seems spacy and can’t concentrate?   and so much more can be from Gluten Sensitivity.  

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