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Tick and Lyme Disease Starting Early

Posted by: Marcelle

Well this is a  blog post that I wish I wasn’t writing, but since we treat so many people for parasites, here goes.

Because of our mild winter this year, the tick season has already started just south of the Canadian border.   That means it probably is here in Ontario and Quebec right now.  Ticks are insects whose bite can cause Lyme Disease.  And getting this can be life altering in a very bad way.

The picture, from the Pediatric Associates of Conneticut shows what these nasty little creatures look like.

And for people living in the Ottawa Ontario area, be warned, deer ticks and deer go together! And there is an abundance of deer in our area.  So be wary of their habitat right now.  If there are deer in your area, or even in your backyard, you are in Tick Country!

Ticks, Deer and Lyme Disease all go together!

If you go hiking in the woods, stay on the trails, keep out of tall grass and use an insect repellent with DEET.  Yup, I said it, use DEET.  When hiking, wear long pants, with your pant bottom tucked into your socks, and put your Muskol right on your clothing, as well as exposed skin.

After being in suspect areas, check for the ticks, and beware of the Lyme disease rash, shaped like a bull’s eye. It may not always be this shape, nor will a rash always appear.  And that can make it hard to diagnose.

So in a nut shell:

  • Cut your grass short in yards and don’t go into overgrown areas.
  • Wear long sleeve clothing and pants to prevent ticks from accessing your skin.
  • After spending time outdoors, check yourself, your kids  and even your pets for ticks.
  • Stay on trails when you hike. Avoid the long grasses where the ticks are waiting for you.
  • If you find ticks, remove them immediately. Read the following link to know how to remove them properly.  Don’t just pull and end up leaving part of the head stuck in your skin.

I love the outdoors, but you do have to be aware of the risks.

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