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Eating is Recreation

Posted by: Marcelle

We all do it!  We eat when we are not really hungry.  Just had supper?  Well then, how about a snack while watching TV?

It seems that we just can’t stop the habit of chewing and eating something, even when we may be feeling quite full.

So ask yourself, how many calories does it take to watch NCIS, or American Idol?  Don’t know?  Take a look at the package of chips, or cookies or popcorn you just ate and you will get an idea.

Eating has become part of our recreation activities.  Going to a hockey game, get a large coke and a hotdog. Going to a movie, get the Extra-large popcorn and the “All you can drink Coke”.

And as we sit there, eating, watching other people do stuff, we are adding on un-needed calories, and unhealthy calories.

Eating As Recreation

How can we possibly start to fight this epidemic of obesity in our society if we make a constant gratification of food part of our life style.

Can you go to a movie and not eat or drink something?  Can you watch TV and just watch the TV? What happens when you get bored with the commercials that seem to go on for ever?  Do you head to the fridge looking for anything and nothing in particular?

Psychology Today suggests we start snacking on low-fat options of popcorn etc.  I don’t think that is a solution, but rather we need a dose of reality and stop snacking.  Perhaps a cup of herbal tea would be a good way to start to break the habit of constant calorie crunching.

Tell me I am wrong, please.  And if I am not wrong, give me some ideas on how to stop this morbid habit our ours.


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