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Neuro Emotional Technique

Posted by: Marcelle

We know stress can affect our physical body in many ways and addressing stress-related issues can help many acute and chronic problems and unwanted symptoms. Discover how Neuro Emotional Technique works and how it may help you.

Ottawa Chiropractors, Dr. Marcelle Forget and Dr. Tony Brunelle, have been using NET in their practice, Kanata Chiropractic Centre, in Ottawa Ontario, since 1988.

A recently published research study from Thomas Jefferson University showed how powerful NET is with pre-and post-treatment fMRI images

Effects on Brain Physiology

Changes in Cerebellar Functional Connectivity

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Dr. Tony Brunelle and Dr. Marcelle Forget

Since 1988, Dr. Tony Brunelle and Dr. Marcelle Forget have taken multiple courses from Dr. Scott Walker and Dr. Debora Walker. They are the two chiropractors responsible for the creation of Neuro Emotional Technique.

NET, short for Neuro Emotional Technique, has helped Drs. Forget and Brunelle in their own personal health and professional growth over the years, resulting in their unique healing abilities they have today.

Neuro Emotional Technique was recently featured on the popular TV show Grey’s Anatomy. The episode was Season 15 Episode 22- Head Over High Heels.

Help for chronic Aches and Pains, Migraines, Concussions, to chronic mystery illness, fatigue and more.

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