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The Process

It Is All Personalized To Fit YOUR Needs!

Process At Awakening Potentials ~ How It All Works

Personalized Solutions to fit YOUR needs.

There is no “cookie-cutter” approach, only solutions that are unique to you. But there are certain “phases” that we will work through to ensure long-lasting success. Here’s a simplified view of this process – from initial awareness of your issues (and its impact on both your mind and body)… right through to continual refinement as you begin to feel happier, healthier & more fulfilled.

How we help you ~ The Process 


Awareness: Understanding “why” your issues exist is the essential first step. And this is where Awakening Potentials is unique. With over 30 years of experience in natural healthcare and personal growth, we know how to get to the root of your issues.

Define: Bring clarity to what it is you truly want. This is energizing – defining exactly what you want in life. With this important information we will create the personalized strategies that will help you succeed.

De-Activate: Sounds a bit strange doesn’t it… but any number of “toxic” patterns have contributed to the issues in your life. These have to go.

Activate: Aha! The balance of life. We’ll get rid of the destructive, toxic patterns and replace them with patterns that will help you achieve what it is you truly want.

Refine: Achieving the “new you” is not a straight line. There will be some bumps and turns in the road. You’ll continually evolve and refine as you move towards better health, more happiness & greater fulfillment.

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Awakening Potentials is a close-knit team of natural health professionals and personal results experts who help individuals improve there health and achieve greater success. We've worked with many thousands of clients since 1979.

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