Eczema Gone Within A Week!


  • Debilitating eczema gone within a week


  • Young girl, 8 years old


  • Debilitating eczema for over 1 year
  • Bleeding, painful itchy sores
  • Dermatologist treated the problem with cream and Javex baths with no results

How did Awakening Potentials help?

Through Awakening Potentials Health Coaching and intuitive techniques, Dr. Brunelle quickly determined that my daughter was allergic to dairy products and was extremely gluten sensitive. Symptoms started disappearing next day and 1 week later, the symptoms were all gone.

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I’d like to share my incredible story about how Awakening Potentials helped my daughter overcome debilitating and painful eczema. Within a week she was a different kid she no longer had big circles under her eyes! We are forever grateful to Awakening Potentials for giving our daughter life again and for us understand the role of allergies in today’s world.

Brian D

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