Chronic Pain Headaches and Migraine Relief


  • Chronic unrelenting  head and eye pain totally gone
  • Getting better from chronic pain that was defined as “having to live with it”
  • Gaining back the control of my life
  • Can sleep at night without prescribed medication


Female, 55 years old, federal employee.


I had a major car accident in February 1999, and I had been seeing all kinds of therapists and although after all the years eventually they could help me with all my pains nobody could help me with the pain in my eye and in my head and I gone to all kinds of specialists I have been through all kinds of tests and they couldn’t figure out the problem. And my chiropractor was just so frustrated because he couldn’t help me with the pain, and Dr. Tony Brunelle is a friend of his, and so at one point he said to me,  I think it is time you saw Tony, you are ready, and I didn’t know what he meant about that but I quickly found out when I met him.

How did Awakening Potentials help?

Through Tony’s help I now don’t take anything, I take nothing to sleep, it is like totally amazing, he got me off the 2 prescriptions and he put me on ProCalm which is a natural calming and I would take that and now I don’t even take that, I take absolutely nothing to go to sleep and that is so amazing in itself. You know we don’t realize how many emotional blocks that we walk around with and they do really impact on how you feel and where you can really go in your life and when you can left those things go it’s just amazing, you just feel like a butterfly. During Monique’s therapy coaching, cranio sacral therapy, chiropractic, nutrition, supplementation was used.

Tell us your story...

I have to say that before my car accident I wasn’t open to alternative treatment, what so ever, no chiropractor, no physio, and I wasn’t getting anywhere anymore I was stucked, I was really stucked nobody could help me and I couldn’t imagine really living with that pain the rest of my life because this is what they kept telling me, the doctor just kept telling me, you just will have to live with it, you just have to accept it, you just have to have pain management, it is not going to get any better, this is what you have to live with, and there is no way, I wasn’t ready to accept that, so I was willing to go. So I started seeing Tony and it was amazing, he actually helped me relived my accident, which helped because I just had so many emotional blocks, that it was really controlling my life, it was controlling driving, it was controlling how much I could work, I was just controlling a lot of things and things, things slowly started to get a little bit better where I could work a little bit longer and although when I start seeing him it was almost 5 years since the accident, I still couldn’t sleep well even with 2 prescription medication, one that my doctor had put me on and one that the neurologist had put me on, I still couldn’t sleep well and, it really bothered me that I was taking those prescription medication all the time.


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