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  • More self-confidence
  • Better healing abilities
  • Increase happiness and energy


  • Female, Doctor of chiropractic


Problem with relationships and to move forward with the new knowledge that I was acquiring.

How did Awakening Potentials help?

The Ultimate Wake Up and the ongoing Success Coaching bring me awareness about blocking key issues and tools to help me transform and dissolve them. My personal and professional life benefit from this process.

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I have been coming to the Ultimate Wake Up event for a few years and each time at the end of it I feel that this program is deeply powerful for all aspects of my life and I wish that all the dearest people of my world could attend it.  A must for any human being. The respectful support of the group creates a powerful, non-judgemental environment for your transformation. Come as you are, participate, grow at your own pace and increase your happiness and energy.  Enjoy a better life.  Thanks to Tony, Marcelle and their team.

Isabelle Ayers, Chiropractor

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Awakening Potentials is a close-knit team of natural health professionals and personal results experts who help individuals improve there health and achieve greater success. We've worked with many thousands of clients since 1979.

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