5 Year Abdominal Pain Gone In One Week!


  • In one week,  chronic 5 yr. crippling abdominal pain gone
  • Normal bowel movement
  • Craving for sweets, stopped!
  • Weight Loss
  • Zest for life!
  • Incredible energy


  • Middle aged retired female school teacher


  • Crippling abdominal pain and swelling
  • Diarrhea & Nausea
  • Weight Gain/ inability to lose in spite of dieting
  • Insatiable craving for sweets
  • Loss of interest in usual hobbies
  • Debilitating fatigue

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What would you say to others considering Awakening Potentials? I am so thankful to Tony for “thinking outside the box”, allowing him to facilitate what traditional medicine could not.  He is my hero … a miracle worker!

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Over a five-year period of visits to a variety of specialists, X-rays, ultrasounds, cat scans, MRI’s, and endoscopies, the cause of the pain went undiagnosed. In 2009, my gall bladder was removed and kidney stones were removed surgically. Thyroid cancer was diagnosed and removed in 2011.It was suggested in 2012 that I visit a doctor of chronic pain. Instead, I went to Awakening Potentials.

Their non-invasive methods done through their health coaching program, allowed them to quickly diagnose and prescribe a treatment to rid my liver and bile duct of parasites that I had probably contracted on a 2007 trip to Asia. In 2 days of taking homeopathic remedies and following dietary restrictions, I noticed a marked improvement. Within a week I was pain free for the first time in more than 5 years.
After seeing Dr. Brunelle 5 times over 2 months, symptoms disappeared, my liver is healing, my skin has improved, energy level is restored and cravings stopped. Sleep has improved and I have lost weight.

Susan Swackhammer

Susan Swackhammer

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