This Could Be You!

This Could Be You!

Our Client's Success Stories

Goals Coming Alive

Sick Child!

My son loves loves school, he was missing a day a week at least and he was uncomfortable, he had all kinds of problems. We went to medical doctors and they would say: “Oh, you know he has a bit of a flue, or he had this or that…” They didn’t have anything for us. … Continue 

Manifesting the life that you want

My journey started over 5 years ago, I happened to run in to Marcelle 10 days before their very first workshop, and I asked her what she had done during her Christmas holidays, and she said oh, we were so busy getting ready for this workshop, and I said what workshop what are you talking … Continue 

Empowerment and Personal Growth

I would recommend Dr. Tony or Dr. Marcelle to anybody in fact, if I could, I would get a placard and go stand down on the corner and get people to go in and see them because they can help you with anything, I don’t care if you got relationship issues, you’ve got learning issues, … Continue 

Chronic Pain Headaches and Migraine Relief

  I have to say that before my car accident I wasn’t open to alternative treatment, what so ever, no chiropractor, no physio, and I wasn’t getting anywhere anymore I was stucked, I was really stucked nobody could help me and I couldn’t imagine really living with that pain the rest of my life because … Continue 

5 Year Abdominal Pain Gone In One Week!

Over a five-year period of visits to a variety of specialists, X-rays, ultrasounds, cat scans, MRI’s, and endoscopies, the cause of the pain went undiagnosed. In 2009, my gall bladder was removed and kidney stones were removed surgically. Thyroid cancer was diagnosed and removed in 2011.It was suggested in 2012 that I visit a doctor … Continue 

Increased Happiness and Energy!

I have been coming to this workshop for a few years and each time at the end of it I feel that this program is deeply powerful for all aspects of my life and I wish that all the dearest people of my world could attend it.  A must for any human being. The respectful … Continue 

Eczema Gone Within A Week!

I’d like to share my incredible story about how Awakening Potentials helped my daughter overcome debilitating and painful eczema.    Within a week she was a different kid she no longer had big circles under her eyes! We are forever grateful to Awakening Potentials for giving our daughter life again and for us understand the … Continue 

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