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Increasing Your Potential While Gardening

Posted by: Marcelle

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Creating the right flow of energy through gardening, and discovering my creative process

Well, I try a new way of gardening this year and it is a little chaotic to my energy. If you know me, you know I am all about energy.
I am trying this square foot gardening ( to see if I can increase the yield of my little patch of garden. Bought the book, read through it and changed all my soil.

The reason why…

It started because I wanted more yield but also because my husband, bless his heart, over the years in the fall, deposited all the dirt from our flower pots into this patch, making it a mixture of rocks and, in my opinion, questionable soil from the flower factories.

More new things

The second change I made this year is to start some of our plants from seeds and I am not sure yet, what I think about this process, because I can feel my brain not getting results fast enough to be satisfied and excited. I have to tell you, it made me reflect on how I approach new projects and new topics and what kind of energy (tools, help) I need to make my path more creative, enjoyable and productive.

I am also trying this year the smart pots ( They are essentially big or small black cloth containers. Great review online so I had to try them. I planted in them some basil, bok choy, thyme, rosemary, tomatoes, cantaloupes, watermelon and zucchini and put them around the pool in the backyard. So far, the tomatoes are not doing well, but we had so much rain this year, maybe that’s the problem. I also realized just this past week that we have forgotten to give our plants organic fertilizer, oops, we are on it now and it might resolve the problem for our tomatoes.

Giving me clues on my process of creativity.

There is one thing for sure I realized my brain likes about the square foot gardening. I find it is particularly good when weeding. It decreases the heaviness one can feel while looking at their garden, and seeing all these weeds. When you are looking at one square at the time, it feels like a lighter chore, and you can see results quite quickly encouraging you to continue. I like that!

I don’t know if the new methods I tried this year will bring the right energy and yield that I want around this area of my house but it makes me excited about finding out if it will.

One thing for sure this garden is doing this year, it has helped me understand my process for achieving better and that is excellent in my life. The more I know about myself the more I can cater to my needs for success, health and happiness.

Let us know through Facebook ( how your garden is doing this year and what you have learn about yourself through the process of gardening.

Cheers to Health and Happiness!!


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