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Your Cottage Holiday Planner

Posted by: Marcelle

How to plan your cottage holiday

cottage_rest_ottawaLet the truth be said: Family vacations can be exhausting! Yes, they are also special times and wonderful, but there’s a good chance you understand that exhaustion too. Whether you are banning together for a destination vacation, or simply gathering at a cottage – when it’s a family trip, there is a lot to think over.

In today’s post, we are going to share with you a simple tool that can lighten burden. After all, it’s called a vacation. Even you should get to enjoy the holiday with some rest and relaxation. There’s also a lot to be said about empowering others with responsibility. They can rise to the challenge in delightful ways!

Here is your tool to easing the work of a family vacation: It’s called the Google spreadsheet, and when wielded correctly, can have a powerful impact on your Rest and Relaxation Factor (R&R Factor).

A couple weeks before leaving, think of the chores that will really take up your time during the vacation. In our family, it’s the cooking and food preparation. Therefore a couple weeks before the holiday at the cottage, I access Google documents and create a spreadsheet that looks like this:

Cottage planner

Of course, maybe food isn’t the big chore for you. Maybe it’s cleaning, or packing or unpacking. The point being, holidays aren’t meant for other people. When you ask others to help with the workload, things become much easier. This summer our family visited Lac Blue Sea and eat incredible meals every evening. We all enjoyed resting, and we because cooking wasn’t a constant chore, extra special effort went into the days assigned to the task.

Vacations have become far easier since we began splitting the work load. It doesn’t feel like ‘work’ anymore, it simply feels like a family holiday that truly provides rest and relaxation.

What are your summer holiday tricks and tips? Let’s help one another relax. Share ideas here or on our facebook page at

Enjoy your break!

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