How to be successful in life?

Super-charge yourself with this 3-day workshop

How to be successful in life? Join this 3-Day Event!


Like Minded Community, Strategic Planning & Breakthrough Environment!

Three crucial days in Ottawa, Ontario of challenges that will teach you how to be successful, how to find the purpose of life (your life in particular!), how to make a relationships work, while also sharing unique health tips and more. This is a well-rounded weekend for you to change your life.

It’s all too easy to get stuck in a rut, thinking ‘I want to change my life’ but not taking action. At Awakening Potentials, we call those “ruts” toxic mindsets that cause you to become stuck or unwell. Those mindsets are tricky patterns that cause fear, dread, and anxiety toward change. Read on for details, agendas and reviews, or sign up here for this once-a-year occasion.

To help you move forward, we bring you an entire weekend of our unique coaching techniques (NET, Tipping Point, Manifestation, the Come as You Will Be Party, and more), plus these three essential elements for success with the WakeUp Workshop:


Strategic Planning

Key to Success

Training and development exercises will help you build your roadmap for the year ahead. The workshop is strategically designed to leave you with a concrete action plan so you know what comes next.

Time for Me

Take a Break

You are worth the personal investment. Take a break from the world for three life-changing days where you come first. We support you to support yourself.

Making New Friends

Like Minded Community

They get it, they really do! Our WakeUp alum are bonded, and welcome new folks to come join the adventure. When you workshop with us, you join a truly supportive crowd.


HelloYes it’s risky-it’s risky to examine your life and get real, it’s risky to say to a group of people “I want this.” But the results! I wish you could feel it. People leave with their ambitions ignited and plans formed to make change happen. ~Dr. Marcelle


“I was really excited & scared at the same time to come to this event. It certainly stretched my comfort zone, but I have come out of this such a winner. By Sunday morning I was so scared that how I felt wasn’t going to last. But to my rescue came Dr. Marcelle and Dr. Tony with the tools they gave me to take away. I am so convinced that I am a changed person that I KNOW now that it is to last forever and beyond. “

France Albert, Engineer, Ottawa
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The Ultimate WakeUp
Nov. 20-22, 2015
Ottawa, ON

Venue Info

At the Ultimate WakeUp Weekend you will:

  • Learn how to create lasting change in yourself.
  • Discover your real purpose and passion.
  • Learn how to make yourself happy.
  • Develop your intuitive abilities and energetic powers.
  • Gain the confidence & excitement needed to create lasting success.
  • Create the momentum needed to get results faster!
  • More happiness, better health & greater fulfilment.
  • Find your personal key to success.
  • Have an “Action Plan” in your hand!

and the benefits continue after the event…

  • Receive monthly webinars to help strengthen your transformation.
  • Enjoy great food & great stories at the Ultimate WakeUp Summer Reunion.

Everything’s More Fun in a Group

Are you a business that wants its team to grow stronger?
The Ultimate WakeUp has special group rates for 4 or more individuals.
For more information contact us for details at: or call us at (613) 592-8100

Payment Plans Available

We want everyone to make it to this event.
Because of that, we have payment plans for the weekend so you can budget it monthly.
Email us at: or call us at (613) 592-8100 for details.

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