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Unfit Children

Posted by: Marcelle

Unfit Children:  Many children cannot run as fast as their parents could when they were young, a study of global fitness says. BBC News

This news story is just the tip of the iceberg.  And yes, there are multiple factors involved here, from the drastic decline of “outside” time children have,  the rise of the online world and all their accompanying games, to our dietary changes over the last 50 years.

And there is more.  We are living in a toxic chemical fishbowl, with thousands of man-made chemicals in our environment.  From all the estrogen-like substances being given off in our plastic products to the actual birth control pill in our drinking water.  Antibiotics are regularly added to the feed that our livestock eat, and bovine growth hormone makes cows produce more milk.  And these chemicals get passed on down the food chain to all of us who eat these products.

Start reading the ingredients on the foods you buy.  A good rule of thumb is that if you can’t pronounce the words, don’t buy it.

 Just think, before World War II, everyone was eating organic food.  All the time!

The mighty Roman Empire lasted 500 years  (27 BC to 476 AD), but it eventually fell and historians  pondered why.  Why did the Roman civilization rot away?

It was only with the discovery of the preserved bodies at Pompey that today’s scientists were able to determine that all the people in Pompey were suffering from lead poisoning!   The Romans used lead water pipes for their plumbing and so effectively poisoned their society.

Today’s chemical cocktails that we are ingesting are the latest version of the “Roman Lead Pipes”!

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