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Kids Are Magical

Posted by: Marcelle

I love  looking after kids, and overall, they seem to like me.

Kids are Magical

I’ve been looking after this little one for most of his life.  Tim is 4 years old now and even though he knows me, he rarely speaks.  He just looks at me with those piercing eyes of his and occasionally gives me a little smile.  One thing I do know, his mom tells me, is that he does like coming  to the office to see Dr. Tony.  He even calls our community pool outside  the window Dr. Tony’s pool. This day, he followed me in the treatment room ahead of his mom.  He sat on the stool in the corner and started to give me that gaze of his. “Hi Tim” I said.  He  smiled back at me and kept his quiet. Now Tim had on a shirt that said “The cows on the bus go ….” And so I looked at him and started to sing the song, the one that goes “the wheels on the bus go round and round…”.  Only I started singing his shirt lyrics, “The cows on the bus go…..” and I left the last part of the sentence hanging. Tim gave me a deep piercing stare and looked at me for a few seconds and then he sang back to me “Moo, Moo, Moo” and then we both broke out into a big smile. cows-300x158 The ice has been broken!  He came in today with his mom and said to me: “Tony, could I borrow this book (Calvin & Hobbs) for my brother?”  Wow, that was big for Tim to say to me. I don’t know about you, but when you make a connection with a little one, it’s magic.  And this was magic!

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