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Gluten Sensitivity

Posted by: Marcelle

Gluten Sensitivity -Why?

Everybody and their brother are sensitive to gluten these days.  At least it seems to be the case.  And grocery stores as well as health food stores are catering to this growing trend.

So what exactly is gluten sensitivity and why do so many people have to it?

Gluten: This is the protein in wheat (and some other grains) that holds the dough together when you make bread.  It is the glue and that magic something that not only makes bread taste great, but feel great inside your mouth.  It is this protein in wheat that enables us to feed 7 billion people on planet earth.

The Ugly Truth about Gluten: Gluten has been modified and changed over the last 50 years.  The gluten in wheat is not the same as it was for our ancestors.  And that is BAD for anyone who happens to be susceptible to this New Gluten!

More Ugly Truth: Many people have a genetic predisposition to gluten, or should I say the new gluten, that is activated when exposed to gluten.

Even More Ugly Truth: Celiac Disease ( also called Sprue) is only one symptom of gluten sensitivity!  You can be sensitive to gluten and not have celiac disease, in fact not have any digestive discomfort at all!

I personally have seen the following health problems completely reverse once a strict gluten free diet has been implemented:

  • Skin rashes, eczema and psoriasis
  • arthritis, swollen joints
  • “toothache like” pain in the muscles
  • brain fog, even stuttering
  • migraine headaches ….

Still Skeptical About Gluten Sensitivity? Get Tested!

It is easy and relatively affordable.  Go on-line to .  Do a swab of your mouth and have your DNA checked for the genes that will tell you if you, and therefor your children, are reacting to gluten.  For all the skeptics out there, this is as scientific a test as you can get.

And no, this test is not covered by OHIP and it is not the same as the test for Celiac Disease!

Should you test negative for Celiac, you may still be gluten sensitive!

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