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Attention Deficit Disorder

Posted by: Marcelle

Attention Deficit

Attention Deficit Disorder

“Anthony has a hard time paying attention, daydreaming, not listening, being easily distracted, forgetfulness, inability to stay still, talking too much …..”

Those words were found on almost every report card I brought home as a child.  And yes, I was guilty of all of the above and more.  I can remember sitting in school looking out the window and dreaming about being Robin Hood.

Thank goodness that was the 60’s and no one knew of  attention deficit or hyperactive disorder, ADHD or ADD.  I’m pretty sure, looking back I could have easily been put into one or both of those categories.

And so I continued through my school years without being treated with Ritalin and other such drugs. And I have to say that overall, I came out all right.

One thing I did have during those years was chiropractic care. My parents believed in chiropractic and it was part of my upbringing.

ADHD diagnosis rates up 24% over decade

Now the latest headlines are showing that the rates of ADHD are up over 24% in the last decade.  This isn’t just me as the odd duck anymore.  It’s becoming a real problem.

A little later on in my life, my younger brother was diagnosed with ADD (5 years younger) and by then science and medicine had drugs for his problem.  It was Ritalin and he ended up going through school “stoned” on the prescription drugs to keep him quiet in school.  It wasn’t until high school that he got smart and stopped taking the Ritalin.  He just never told my parents that he wasn’t taking it any more.

My point of all this.  Attention Deficit and Hyperactive Disorder have alternate ways to treat them besides prescription drugs.  Have your child checked for food sensitivities, spinal problems and craniosacral rhythm.  These methods are very effective as many of my clients can tell you.

Tony Brunelle, Chiropractor

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