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Uncomfortable Yet?

Posted by: Marcelle

Here is a true story about being uncomfortable yet? Johnny Carson once told the story of a dancing duck in a Vegas casino.  He walked by a display with a live duck inside.  There were glass walls around the outside and the duck was inside,  just sitting there.  The machine had a sign that said the duck would dance to music. Simply insert a dollar, the music would start and the duck would start to dance.

And so Johnny inserted a dollar, the music started and sure enough the duck started to dance.

Fascinated by this, Johnny stood there feeding one dollar after another into this machine.

And so Johnny decided that he had to have this duck and it’s trainer on his late-night show.  He tracked down the owner of the duck and invited him on to his show.  “How did you ever train that duck to dance”, he asked?  “Quite easy”, replied the duck’s owner, “there is a hot plate underneath the platform the duck sits on.  When you put in a dollar, it heats up and the duck starts to jump around.”

Uncomfortable Yet?

Outrageous but true.  And that made me think of how we humans are so resistant to change.  Yes, we want more, we want growth and change, but if we aren’t uncomfortable enough, we don’t start to “dance”.  (“Dance” is a metaphor for “get going”. )  And this is common with most people.

When I started my chiropractic practice many years ago, I wanted it to be successful,  BUT it was uncomfortable to get out there and promote myself.  And so the practice went deeper and deeper in debt.  Until I was uncomfortable enough to “start to dance”.  I then did a few things, one of them was looking for life coach / business coach.

Sometimes you need a Life Coach or Business Coach

Another thing I did was to paint a large sign on a sheet of plywood, 8 feet wide by 4 feet tall, and then  dragged it across a busy road at 3 o’clock in the morning.   I set it up on the edge of a corn field.  And when the morning rush hour started, there it was, Chiropractor with a large arrow pointing towards our clinic.

… and I started dancing!

By the way, Johnny Carson was so outraged by what this man was doing to his duck that he had the whole display banned from the Vegas casino!

So, my question is, “Are you ready to dance yet?”

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