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The Times, They Are A Changing

Posted by: Marcelle

Times are changing

This Christmas, it has become  apparent to me that things have changed, something is different.

The Times, They Are A Changing

Our kids have grown up and moved out and for the first time it is just the two of us in our house.  And it feels different.

Time keeps marching on, life keeps changing and every so often something happens to make you realize that life does not stand still.

Life Does Not Stand Still

Growing up, Christmas was a busy time with people crowded into the house.  And as we grew up, along came with marriage, kids,  in-laws and the bustle of the season continued.

And now we are shifting into another phase of our lives. Loved ones have moved on, or are moving on and it is quieter this year.

So how do you handle this?  Keep stuck in the past with old memories of good times?  It almost feels good to feel sad about what was.  Or do we embrace the new opportunities that are being presented?

You always have a choice.

It is a choice and truth is it takes effort not to get down over what was.  Time to focus on life after kids, on the opportunities  that await.

So here’s to Christmas’s past and to Christmas 2012 and all that awaits us in the new year.

Let’s make the most of what we now have and live life to the max.

Merry Christmas and
Best Wishes for 2013

Marcelle and Tony


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