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Christmas Gifts with Meaning

Posted by: Marcelle

Christmas Gifts with Meaning

This year, why not Give A Goat to that someone in  your life who really has everything they need.  Or you can give some chickens. How about Christmas Gifts With Meaning?

I was listening to CBC radio a while ago and someone who had been given a goat for last Christmas decided to track down the goat.  Turns out that indeed, a goat was purchased and given to a family in a very poor area of this world.  And he traveled there to see the goat and met the family.

It had changed their life!

To think you can change someones life for as little as $15 for some baby chickens is pretty powerful.  And you get bragging rights as well.  You are now a chicken farmer helping the world, one family at at time.

There are so many options here.  Give to Africa, or South America.  Give to a girl, help educate a child, give a well to a village, or a washroom to a school.  You can make a difference so easily this way, just click and enter your choice.

It is not too late. With a click of the computer, you can make this incredible gift.

Click Here to see Plan Canada’s Gift Ideas.  And Merry Christmas to all.

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