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A Life Well Lived

Posted by: Marcelle

Dr. Herb Lee

A mentor of mine passed away last month.  His name was Dr. Herb Lee and he was one of the nicest people you would ever want to meet.

A Life Well Lived

He was instrumental in starting the Canadian Chiropractic College in 1945 in Toronto and taught at the college throughout his life.

A Mentor to Generations of Chiropractors

There is an expression that says “those who can’t teach” and I have found that  often this is the case, but with Dr. Lee, “he could” and he shared his great wealth of knowledge with so many students over the years.

I can remember his 8:00 a.m. class on Friday mornings, and his easy going way of communicating.  And some of his gems that he showed us, such as “sinus draining” were not to be found anywhere else.

He was active at the college well into his 90s.  He passed away last month at at the age of 101.  That’s right, One Hundred and One!

His was a life well lived and is an inspiration to all of of.  Rest in Peace Dr. Lee.

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